2020 IEEE 2nd Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies

LifeTech 2020 | Mielparque Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan | March 10-12, 2020


This year, LifeTech 2020 Technical Program Committee made a list of nominations based on their review scores and comments from session chairs and recommended it to the Award, Poster, and Demo Chairs. The chairs reviewed the nominated papers again and selected the winners based on their contributions to the conference field. IEEE LifeTech 2020 is excited to announce the winners of the Paper Awards, Student Paper Awards, Poster Awards, Student Poster Awards, Demo! Award, and WIE Paper Award.

Congratulations to the following LifeTech 2020 Award recipients!

Paper Awards

1st Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Paper Award
  • Keiko Homma, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Takuya Ogure and Isamu Kajitani (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan):
    "Development of Contact Safety Test Procedure for Defecation Assistance Devices"
2nd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Paper Award
  • Satori Hachisuka, Takamitsu Kaneko and Takeshi Morita (The University of Tokyo, Japan):
    "Clarification of Muscle Fatigue Reducing Effect of Walking Assist Device Using Electromyography"
3rd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Paper Award
  • Hsiang-Cheh Huang (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan); Yueh-Hong Chen (Far East University, Taiwan); Feng-Cheng Chang (Tamkang University, Taiwan); Chi-Tuan Tseng (National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan):
    "Multi-Purpose Watermarking with QR Code Applications"
IEEE LifeTech 2020 Outstanding Paper Award
  • Eric Fujiwara, Yu Tzu Wu and Carlos Suzuki (University of Campinas, Brazil):
    "Assessment of hand posture and grip force by optical fiber force myography sensor"
  • Wan-Jung Chang, Ming-Che Chen, Liang-Bi Chen, Yi-Chan Chiu, Chia-Hao Hsu and Yang-Kun Ou (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan); Qiu Chen (Kogakuin University of Technology and Engineering, Japan):
    "A Mobile Device-Based Hairy Scalp Diagnosis System Using Deep Learning Techniques"

Student Paper Awards

1st Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Paper Award
  • Supalak Amplod and Chidchanok Choksuchat (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand); Suwat Sopitpan (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Thailand):
    "IoT Prototype System for Healthcare on Monitoring of Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment Patients"
2nd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Paper Award
  • Daichi Yoshimoto and Yuta Furudate (Future University Hakodate, Japan); Kaori Chiba and Yuji Ishida (H.M.A. Nursing and Rehabilitation Academy, Japan); Sadayoshi Mikami (Future University Hakodate, Japan):
    "Evaluation of Forearm Musclar Function of Hemiplegic Patients Using Displacement MMG"
3rd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Paper Award
  • Keisuke Isomoto and Daisuke Kushida (Tottori University, Japan):
    "Modeling the Vagueness-included Decision-making Process of Nurses Using Fuzzy Linear Regression"
IEEE LifeTech 2020 Outstanding Student Paper Award
  • Takumi Kawamura (Yokohama National University & Research Institute, National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities, Japan); Yasutaka Fujimoto (Yokohama National University, Japan):
    "Analysis of stereo camera parameters effect on stereo matching performed by remote operator"
  • Yuta Kishimoto, Kenichi Arai, Tetsuo Imai and Toru Kobayashi (Nagasaki University, Japan):
    "Dementia Detection by Shopping Refugees Support Robot"

Poster Awards

1st Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Poster Award
  • Takashi Muramatsu and Yoshikazu Washizawa (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan); Kazuko Hiyoshi (Doshisya Women's College of Liberal Arts, Japan):
    "EEG Analysis of Nursing Touch for Frustrating Work"
2nd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Poster Award
  • Shuhei Hayakawa (Tokyo University of Science, Japan); Ghassan Al-Falouji, Gerald Schickhuber and Roland Mandl (OTH Regensburg, Germany); Takahiro Yoshida and Seiichiro Hangai (Tokyo University of Science, Japan):
    "A Method of Toothbrush Position Measurement using AR Markers"
3rd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Poster Award
  • Kiyomi Sakakibara (TOYOTA Motor Corporation & TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan); Katsuhiko Nakajima (TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Japan); Koichiro Iwai (TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan); Kazuhiro Kato (TOYOTA Motor Corporation, Japan); Kazumi Hayakawa (TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc., Japan); Keisuke Suzuki (Kagawa University, Japan):
    "Evaluation of the Physiological Effects of Fragrances in a Visual Search Task"

Student Poster Awards

1st Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Poster Award
  • Hiroki Furuyama, Motoyuki Imai and Takahiro Yoshida (Tokyo University of Science, Japan):
    "Lung Movement Detection Method using Sound Waves for Continuous Breathing Monitoring"
2nd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Poster Award
  • Kanta Umemura and Hiroharu Kawanaka (Mie University, Japan); Yulia Hicks and Rossitza Setchi (Cardiff University, United Kingdom); Shinji Tsuruoka (Mie University, Japan); Daisuke Takamatsu (Social Walfare Corporation, Japan):
    "A Study on Classification Using Machine Learning for Dementia Evaluation"
3rd Prize, IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Student Poster Award
  • Kota Yamamoto, Yoshiyuki Ohta and Keiichiro Inagaki (Chubu University, Japan):
    "Evaluation of the EEG activation patterns during different difficulty and duration of mental tasks"
  • Akihiro Nakamura (Shizuoka University, Japan); Takato Saito and Daizo Ikeda (Research Laboratories, NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan); Ken Ohta (NTT DOCOMO, INC., Japan); Hiroshi Mineno and Masafumi Nishimura (Shizuoka University, Japan):
    "Automatic Detection of the Chewing Side Using Two-channel Recordings under the Ear"

Demo! Award

IEEE LifeTech 2020 Excellent Demo! Award
  • Souma Sumitomoand Yuta Sugiura (Keio University, Japan):
    "VR Music Game Considering Range of Arm Motion"

WIE Paper Awards

IEEE LifeTech 2020 WIE Paper Award
  • Swe Nwe Nwe Htun and Thi Thi Zin (University of Miyazaki, Japan); Hiromitsu Hama (Osaka City University, Japan):
    "Human Action Analysis Using Virtual Grounding Point and Motion History"