2019 IEEE 1st Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies

LifeTech 2019 | Senri Life Science Center, Osaka, Japan | March 12-14 2019

Greetings from Conference Chair

On behalf of the organizing members, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2019 IEEE 1st Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies (IEEE LifeTech 2019) to be held in Osaka, Japan on March 12-14, 2019.

This new conference was planned by me, and is strongly supported by Dr. Stefan Mozar, Chair of IEEE Life Sciences Technical Community (LSTC). First, I wish to thank Dr. Mozar and all the members of IEEE LSTC who have endeavored to establish the conference. Where I’d like to introduce IEEE LSTC. This community is consisted of following five IEEE Society with interesting in Life Sciences, such as Circuit and Systems Society, Consumer Electronics Society, Control System Society, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, and Signal Processing Society. Before the LifeTech was established, the IEEE LSTC had already held successful conferences named the Life Sciences Conference (LSC), such as LSC 2018 in Canada and LSC 2017 in Australia.

I would like to give a special thanks to LEEE LSTC, above five IEEE Societies and the executives of the major academic societies in Japan, including the HIS, IEE, IEICE, IEIJ, IPSJ, ITE, JES, JIPE, JSKE, JSMBE and SICE. Furthermore, I’d like to special thanks to the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau.

This conference will be endorsed by a strong scientific and technical program and by the attendance of senior engineers and younger delegates from various countries. I believe that it is very important for us to discuss interesting topics and exchange ideas. Through the LifeTech, we will continue to stimulate and inspire each other.

I hope you have an enjoyable stay at the LifeTech 2019 in Japan and I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Tomohiro Hase
Conference Chair of IEEE LIfeTech 2019

IEEE Life Sciences Technology Community Chair’s Welcome Note

Welcome to LifeTech 2019!

LifeTech 2019 is the inaugural IEEE Life Science Conference in Japan. The IEEE Life Science Technical Community (LSTC) has grown out of the IEEE Future Directions. Our community numbers over 5,000 individuals and is likely to grow as we become more established.

Professor Hase has identified a community in Japan that has a strong interest in Life Sciences, thus he made a proposal to LSTC to host the LifeTech Conference in Osaka. Professor Hase is an internationally highly regarded engineer and professor, thus it is an honor to have him lead the LifeTech Conference. Although LifeTech will be held in Japan annually, with a primary focus to serve the Japanese and East Asian Life Science Community it is also an international event and we hope to attract delegates from the global community.

Life Science includes a much broader spectrum than Biomedical Engineering. It covers areas such as Agriculture, extreme environments, veterinary and animal sciences just to name a few new topics. These areas are advancing very fast, and there is no limit to the application of engineering, especially electrical engineering. These new fields of interest provide many opportunities for us to advance for the benefit of humanity. The only limitation we have is our mind.

I look forward to meeting you and for us to explore the wonderful discoveries we can make!

I would like to thank all delegates who have chosen to attend LifeTech and contribute towards it success. I also would like to thanks Professor Hase and his team for taking the initiative with this event.

I would also like to thank all sponsors and supporters of LifeTech 2019.

Stefan Mozar
Chair of IEEE LSTC